What's next?

So it's Monday, July 10th, and I have decided to start running again. What's next?

Well, for one, my last day of work is Friday, July 28, and school doesn't start until mid-September. Which leaves a month and a half of traveling and running. For these 45 days, I hope to be running in a different place every day!

Here is my preliminary schedule (I will be updating this periodically):

7/29: Fly from Boston to Zurich. Continental flights 1189/78 (BOS->EWR: 2.30pm->4.06pm; EWR->ZRH: 6.50pm->8.40am)

7/30: Sightsee in Zurich. Hotel TBD.

7/31 - 8/9: Run in St. Moritz and stay at Hotel Stille, where Marius Bakken recommended I stay while I'm there. (I no longer think I'm going to try to run across Switzerland because Tom McArdle thinks I shouldn't do anything too crazy before the Trials next year, and the best running is in St. Moritz anyway... but I'll figure things out once I get there).

8/9 - 8/12: Go to Lugano, Luzern, Interlaken, and Bern.

8/13: Go to Lausanne.

8/14 - 8/16: Sarah arrives in Geneva on Continental flights 1191/80 (BOS->EWR: 3.30pm->5.01pm; EWR->GVA: 6:15pm->8:05am). Hang out in Geneva with Sarah and the Batas.

8/16 - 8/19: Stay at Chateau de La Colassiere, a castle in the French countryside not far from the Loire River.

8/19 - 8/25: Drive south from Colassiere to Madrid, stopping in San Sebastian and Barcelona on the way.

8/25: Fly back to Boston from Madrid with Sarah. Continental flights 63/1172 (MAD->EWR: 11.30am->1.55pm; EWR->BOS: 3.30pm->4.55pm).

8/28 - 9/11: Drive west from Boston, MA to Palo Alto, CA with Sarah, sleeping in and running in many places (from Chicago to Yellowstone to Oregon) along the way.

9/14: Start at Stanford Business School.



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