Week 5: 8/7/06 - 8/13/06

Weekly Summary
Resting HR: 52
Total Weekly Mileage: 28

Saturday 8/12
AM - Vevey. This morning I woke up and did a very easy 4 mile run in Vevey from the Scheling's house. I ran uphill for 2 miles and then turned around and came back downhill (it took me twice as long to go uphill as it did to turn around and go downhill). My hip was feeling okay this morning, but it's kind of hard to tell whether or not it's better because I was taking it so easy.
PM - Headed over to Aubonne, where I will be staying for the next few days. Just two days until Sarah gets here!
4 miles

Friday 8/11
AM - Day off. After yesterday's problems, I decided to take the day off today. So I slept in and had an "American breakfast" (scrambled eggs, toast, and cereal) at the Metropole hotel.
PM - Spent the afternoon walking around Bern. I got a Thai massage, which seemed to help my left glute a bit.
0 miles

Thursday 8/10
AM - I left Lugano this morning and headed to Luzern. On the way to Luzern, I saw a picturesque village in in the hills, so I decided to pull of the highway and go on a short run. I jogged for about 30 minutes, and in the middle of the run it started pouring. But I didn't really mind the rain. It actually felt kind of nice.
PM - After stopping in Luzern for lunch, I continued on to Interlaken. After checking into the Metropole hotel, I went out for a run. I had heard that Interlaken was a great place to run, so I was pretty excited about it, but 1 mile into the run, my left glute really cramped up and I had to stop and walk back. A pain was shooting down my leg and it wouldn't go away. I can't believe that I'm injured once again. I'm going to have to take it really easy until I get better (hopefully soon!).
4 + 1 = 5 miles

Wednesday 8/9
AM - This morning, I went on an easy run around the lakes before leaving St. Moritz. I then caught the 12:00 postal bus to Lugano, which was a nice ride through the mountains in Italy and then back into Switzerland. Pretty much the entire 4 hour drive was downhill (we dropped from 1800 meters to just a couple hundred meters above sea level, and my water bottle looked like it had just been on an airplane when we got down there).
PM - When I got to Lugano, I checked into the Best Western and then went on an easy run along the lake and then up one of the mountains. I had heard that there were great trails to run on in Ticino, but I couldn't find any in Lugano. It was still a nice run, but it was a bit frustrating not to know where the trails were.
4 + 8 = 12 miles

Tuesday 8/8
AM - Left glute was still bothering me, so took the day off today.
0 miles

Monday 8/7
AM - Went on an easy 7 mile run this morning. Was going to go 10, but by 3-4 miles into the run, my left glute was just getting tighter and hurting more, so I decided to turn around early and call it a day.
7 miles



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