Week 1: 6/11 - 6/17 (My first week back!)

Weekly Summary
My first week back, and I went 47 miles. So I feel pretty good about the mileage that I put in this week, even though it was all really, really slow. The 2-mile "tempo" run was a wake-up call for me. I have my work cut out for me...
Resting HR: Forgot to measure
Total Weekly Mileage: 47

Sunday 6/17
AM - Baylands. Ran from apartment to Baylands and back. Sarah met up with me on her bike right before I turned around. Overall, the run was pretty slow, but I picked it up a bit for 2 miles in the middle. It was hot today, and I felt pretty dehydrated by the end.
9 miles

Saturday 6/16
AM - Los Trancos loop @ Foothills Park. Johann and I went on a run today around Foothills Park. It was a really nice hilly trail run. We took it pretty easy, and ended up running a total of 90 minutes. It was really hot today.
11 miles

Friday 6/15
AM - Stanford campus loop. I jogged over to Stanford today and decided to try to do a 2-mile "tempo run". Back when I used to be in shape, I used to be able to run an 8-mile tempo at 5:15 pace without a problem, but today, I was struggling to run 2 miles at 5:30 pace...
7 miles

Thursday 6/14
AM - DNR. Took the day off.
0 miles

Wednesday 6/13
PM - Mitchell Park. I was pretty tired today, so I just went on an easy 40 minute jog to Mitchell Park and back.
5 miles

Tuesday 6/12
PM - Arastradero Preserve. Another slow run today. Went from Arastradero over to Foothills Park, where I ran around some trails in the north part of the park before turning around and going back. I saw about 6 deer today during the run, which was pretty cool.
10 miles

Monday 6/11
AM - Bow Lake, New Hampshire. Spent the weekend in New Hampshire for my younger brother's wedding. It was a blast. The wedding was in Portsmouth, but we spent the night at the Bow Lake Inn after having lobsters at Lindsey's house the night before. In the morning, I decided to go on a short run before heading to the airport. There was pine pollen everywhere. I jogged (very slowly) for about 40 minutes. Man, it's going to take me a while to get back into shape...
5 miles



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