Week 2: 6/18 - 6/24

Weekly Summary
Another week easing back into things, but I am already feeling stronger this week. It was nice to get a tiny bit of speedwork in, even though it was just 2 mile repeats. It was also nice to go on a somewhat long run (time-wise), even though distance-wise it was not even that long.
Resting HR: Forgot to measure
Total Weekly Mileage: 44

Sunday 6/24
AM - El Corte de Madera. Johann and I went on a run today at El Corte de Madera OSP. We were planning to make the run shorter than last week (which was about 90 minutes), but because we were feeling good and also accidentally took a wrong turn, the run turned into almost 2 hours. I'll call it 12 miles because it was pretty hilly terrain, and we weren't going that fast. This was a beautiful place to run. I definitely want to go back here, but next time I'll have to make sure not to get lost...
12 miles

Saturday 6/23
AM - Mitchell Park. Another slow, short, and easy run today.
4 miles

Friday 6/22
PM - Monte Bello Open Space Preserve. This afternoon, I drove up Page Mill Road until I got to somewhere between Los Trancos OSP and Monte Bello OSP. I parked and ran down some trails including Stevens Creek Nature Trail and Canyon Trail. Once again, this run was pretty hilly (I don't know if any places have _flat_ trails), and I made the mistake of starting high so that I had to run uphill on the way back. I guess I felt pretty good today, but as usual, kept things slow.
7 miles

Thursday 6/21
AM - Mitchell Park. Went on another easy run through Mitchell Park this morning. Once again feeling slow.
4 miles

Wednesday 6/20
AM - 2 x 1 mile at Stanford (4:57, 5:09). This is the first time since November that I joined the group of guys I was training with at Stanford for a lovely 6:15am workout. Today it was actually just Beast, McGlynn, and myself. Beast said he was going to do 4 x mile at about 5:10 pace, so I figured I could try to run with him for 2 of them. As you can see from my splits above, the first one was a bit faster than that. This is the fastest my legs have turned in a while, but I actually felt pretty good today.
8 miles

Tuesday 6/19
AM - Mitchell Park. Went on an easy run through Mitchell Park today. Felt kind of sluggish today, so I took it easy.
4 miles

Monday 6/18
AM - Rancho San Antonio. This morning, I rode my bike over to the house that my parents are renovating, then rode it over to Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve, went on a short run, and then rode my bike back home. (The other day, I bought several topographical maps of the Bay Area, and I've decided to start exploring new trails). Anyway, Rancho San Antonio was beautiful with a spectacular view at the top, but the incline was about as steep as when I ran up that mountain in Bariloche, Argentina last spring. I was also getting a bit nervous after seeing all of the mountain lion warning signs. In addition to seeing several deer, I saw a guy playing the banjo in a little shack on the side of the trail. He was the only person I saw during the entire run...
5 miles



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