Week 3: 6/25 - 7/1

Weekly Summary
Today was a pretty good week for me, considering it's only my third week back. I am already feeling stronger, even though I still have a lot of training ahead of me. I felt tired a lot this week, and ended up sleeping a lot more than usual as a result. I probably pushed myself a bit more than I should have with the tempo, a 13-miler and a 15-miler all in a 4-day period, but so far my body seems to be handling it okay. The Olympic Trials is about 4 months away. I should come up with my training plan soon...
Resting HR: 56
Total Weekly Mileage: 59

Sunday 7/1
PM - Rancho San Antonio. Went on a pretty easy 8-mile run with Friedman and Johann today. We wanted to keep it somewhat flat, but we took a wrong turn and ended up climbing 600-800 feet. I felt pretty good today, but wanted to keep things slow.
8 miles

Saturday 6/30
AM - Arastradero to Los Trancos. I met up with a few of the other guys this morning at 8am at the Arastradero parking lot. Donahue had to turn around early b/c of a wedding he was going to, but Scott, Xavier, and I ran the entire loop at a moderately easy pace. Scott and I picked it up a bit for the last mile or so. We got back at about 1:46, so I'll call it 15.
15 miles

Friday 6/29
PM - St. Michael. I didn't have much time to run today, and I wanted to take it easy anyway. So I did an easy run to the house and back before leaving for a black tie event in the city.
3 miles

Thursday 6/28
PM - Windy Hill. Silver called me as he was coming home from work today, so we decided to run together in the evening. We did a loop around Windy Hill, which we thought would end up being about 70 minutes, but we didn't finish the run until 1:38. It's a pretty steep climb on the way up, and we were going at a moderate pace. The view from the top was spectacular. On the way down, I tripped and fell and busted up my knee, but fortunately I didn't seem to break anything other than my skin. Silver and I picked it up for the last mile or so, and sprinted to the finish. :-)
13 miles

Wednesday 6/27
AM - 4-mile tempo run @ Stanford (21:45 = 5:40 + 5:32 + 5:29 + 5:04). Another 6:15am workout at Stanford. I didn't get to bed last night until after midnight, so I was afraid I'd be tired today. But I ended up having a pretty good workout. Warmed up with the guys, and then did the 4-mile tempo with McGlynn (the rest of the guys did a track workout for some reason). I felt pretty good today about the progress I've made in two weeks. 2 weeks ago, I wasn't able to run 2 miles in 11 minutes, and today I did 4 miles in less than 22 minutes. I hope I can keep it up going forward...
10 miles

Tuesday 6/26
AM - St. Michael Dr. I was tired today and didn't have much time, so I just jogged over to check out the renovations on the house and back. I also did a couple sets of pull-ups and dips at Hoover Park.
3 miles

Monday 6/25
AM - Arastradero Preserve. I decided to explore a bit more around Arastradero today, even though it's pretty small. I usually just run through to Foothill Park, but this time I decided to stay in Arastradero. It was hot today, and I was keeping the pace pretty easy.
7 miles



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