Week 4: 7/2 - 7/8

Weekly Summary
I got a couple of good runs in this week, including a fairly quick 5-mile tempo, and a nice long run along Skyline Ridge. But I also felt pretty tired and fatigued this week. I have been ramping up pretty quickly, and overall I'm feeling pretty good, but I need to take care not to get myself injured.
Resting HR: 54
Total Weekly Mileage: 60

Sunday 7/8
PM - Sweeney Ridge. Met up with Johann this afternoon at Skyline College to go on a run along Sweeney Ridge in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was a beautiful run. There was a view of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Bay on the other side. It was once again, another hilly run, but we took it pretty easy. The Skyline College track looks pretty nice. I think I might go back there at some point if I want to do a hill workout followed by a track workout.
9 miles

Saturday 7/7
AM - Skyline Ridge. I met up with Friedman, Silver, and Xavier this morning at 8am at the intersection of Page Mill (Alpine Rd.) and Skyline Blvd. It took about 20 minutes to drive up there from my apartment, and it was cold, foggy, and wet up there. At the beginning of the run, I was especially cold in short sleeves. I felt like we did the run at sub-7:00 effort, but it took us about 1:50 to go a little under 15 miles according to Friedman's watch. The run was really nice overall. It was one of the first long runs I've done out here on soft surfaces that was not too hilly. We hammered the uphills a bit, but the rest of the run was pretty relaxed. We ran by two foxes that were on the trail at one point, which was pretty cool.
15 miles

Friday 7/6
PM - Arastradero. Went back to Arastradero for an easy run today. I saw 4 wild turkey running next to the trail that I was on when I crossed over to Foothill Park. When I ran back, I saw them again, and two of them started flying away from me while the other two just kept running.
6 miles

Thursday 7/5
PM - Arastradero. I went to Arastradero Preserve with Taylor (Sarah's sister's boyfriend) today. I didn't have much time to run before dinner, but we ran around for about 35 minutes. It was a nice run, but I couldn't find Taylor at the end, so Sarah and Kimmie went to pick him up.
5 miles

Wednesday 7/4
AM - Baylands Preserve. I went on a very easy run through the Baylands today. I kept it pretty slow because I was kind of tired from the tempo run yesterday. This afternoon/evening, I went to Yvonne's wedding and saw a bunch of old friends from Hoover Elementary School.
10 miles

Tuesday 7/3
PM - 5-mile tempo @ Stanford (26:13 = 5:18 + 5:14 + 5:14 + 5:14 + 5:13). Met up with the guys at 6:15am, after going to bed around midnight once again. Did a 3-mile warm-up, and then did a tempo that was supposed to last somewhere between 4 and 8 miles. I wasn't sure how far I'd go. I felt pretty good through 4, so I hung on until 5.5, at which point I noticed I was out of my comfort zone, so I stopped and jogged back. I guess that my pace this week was quite a bit better than last week. Donahue and Silver did 6. Beast did 8.
11 miles

Monday 7/2
PM - Mitchell Park. Felt very tired and sluggish today. Just went on an easy jog through Mitchell Park. I stopped to do some pull-ups and dips at Hoover Park, but could barely manage to do one set of 5 of each. Just one more sign of how weak I was today.
4 miles



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