Week 8: 7/30 - 8/5

Weekly Summary
Not a bad week. I was kind of hoping to break 100 miles, but I guess 94 is close enough. My legs were pretty tired this week -- probably a combination of recovering from the half marathon and doing lots of hiking and hill runs in the Catskills. I only got one workout in this week (a fartlek of 20 x 1/1), but I was pretty happy with it. The long run at Walden didn't feel that great, but at least I also got a 15-mile MLR on Wednesday.
Resting HR: 50
Total Weekly Mileage: 94

Sunday 8/5
PM - Walden Pond. We drove back to Boston from the Catskills this morning. On the way back, we stopped at Walden Pond, and I went on my long-run for the week. Johann ran the first hour with me, and then I did the rest on my own. It was nice to be back at Walden Pond after running on the West Coast for the past year. I should have called some of my running buddies from the B.A.A. to see if they would have been up for joining me, but they probably got their longs runs over with early in the day anyway. I had to take a couple of bathroom breaks on the run today. Must have eaten something weird. Maybe is was the mushrooms that Adam picked while we were hiking in the Catskills and put in our tomato sauce last night. I had been hoping to go 20+ miles today, but after 19 miles, I was ready to stop.
19 miles

Saturday 8/4
AM - Adam's House, Catskills, NY. I woke up this morning kind of sore and tired from yesterday's runs, so I decided to go on a short run in the morning to loosen up. I started off very slow and finished not quite as slow, but still pretty slow. My legs are getting tired from all of the miles that I've been putting them through recently.

PM - Minnewaska State Park. Adam, Johann, Lucas and I drove out to Lake Minnewaska today. It was almost an hour drive from Adam's house. We decided to jog from the parking lot to Lake Awosting, go for a swim, and then jog back to the car. It was a beautiful day, the views at the lake were amazing, and the water was perfectly refreshing. We swam around for about 20 minutes before jogging back. The lake was only three miles away from the parking lot, but Johann and I took a 5-mile route back, so we got in a total of 8 miles (the last 3 miles of which were below 6 minute pace).
13 miles

Friday 8/3
AM - Fartlek @ Catskills. This morning, I decided to do a Fartlek workout since I haven't done a workout all week. I did the same 12 mile route as last night, but this time I could actually see where I was going, which was nice. I jogged for 3 miles, did 20 x (1 min hard, 1 min easy), and then jogged 3 miles back to the house. It was really, really hot today, and I was super dehydrated by the end of the run. But overall, it was a good workout.

PM - Adam's House, Catskills, NY. We went on a pretty intense bushwhacking-style hike today, right after I got back from my morning workout. I think we were hiking for at least 4 hours on some fairly steep terrain through the woods. By the time we got back, it was starting to get dark and I was tired and hungry. But Johann and I talked each other into going on a run. So we went on a 7 mile run that started off really easy, and finished at a moderate pace. My legs were tired, but I'm glad that I got the extra mileage in. I'd like to get close to 100 miles this week, if possible.
19 miles

Thursday 8/2
AM - Catskills. Last night, I took the red-eye from San Jose to Boston. I didn't end up sleeping at all on the plane, so when I arrived in Boston at 6am, I went over to Lucas's place to crash for a few hours before Lucas, Adam, Johann and I all drove up to Adam's house in the Catskills. It was about a 4 hour drive to get there. When we arrived, we went on a short hike, and then I went on a run while they started preparing dinner. It was getting dark by the time I started my run, and by the end, it was pitch black. A few times I accidentally ran off the road into the woods because I couldn't even see where the road was. I'm surprised I actually found my way back to the house.
12 miles

Wednesday 8/1
AM - Arastradero to Los Trancos. This morning, I went over to Arastradero Park and went on a 15 mile run around the Los Trancos trail in Foothill Park. I felt pretty good on the run today, and it went by pretty quickly. Toward the end as I was going downhill, I tripped on a rock and cut myself up pretty badly. But fortunately the injury seemed to be limited to surface cuts.
15 miles

Tuesday 7/31
AM - Mitchell Park. I did Mitchell Park again this morning, but this time I did two loops around the park instead of one to add on an extra mile. It was, once again, a really short run. My legs were still tired today. After the morning run, I got a sports massage from Greg, and then took the rest of the day off.
5 miles

Monday 7/30
AM - Mitchell Park. This morning, I did a very slow run around Mitchell Park. My legs were feeling pretty tired after yesterday's race.

PM - Gunn High School. In the afternoon, I did the Gunn High School loop at an easy pace. Felt better than in the morning, but still not great.
11 miles


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