Week 12: 8/27 - 9/2

Weekly Summary
My highest mileage week yet, of this season. I felt pretty good about this week, considering that fact that I was still recovering from last Sunday's 50K race. With an 8-mile tempo run on Tuesday at 5:12 pace and two long runs (Friday and Sunday), I accomplished more than I would have expected this week. I should probably be careful about doing two long runs so close to one another, but it wasn't as bad as I though it would be.
Resting HR: 60
Total Weekly Mileage: 110

Sunday 9/2
AM - Long run @ Walnut Creek. This morning, I got up early and drove over to Walnut Creek, which is near Berkeley, to meet up with Friedman and Tommy Greenless. We did two 10-mile loops from his place. The first one was pretty hilly on dirt trails, and the second one was very flat along a bike path. We were probably going around 7:00 pace for the first loop and closer to 6:10-6:20 pace for the second loop. It was nice to get a second long run in this week. I hadn't met Tommy before, but he seemed pretty cool. Afterwards, we hopped in his pool, and then went to a diner for brunch. It was really hot today, so it's a good thing there were a couple of places to stop for water. I also tried gu for the first time today, just so that my stomach can start getting used to it.
21 miles

Saturday 9/1
AM - Wunderlich Park. This morning, I met Johann at Wunderlich Park. This is the first time I have actually gone there on a weekend, and the parking lot was really crowded (unlike the other times I have been and there have only been 1-2 cars in the parking lot). Despite the crowded parking lot, we didn't see many people on the trails. We did an 11-mile loop at a pretty easy pace. We picked up the pace a bit on the way down, and since I wasn't wearing my contacts, I tripped on a root and busted up my knee once again. Fortunately, I was still able to run on it, but I jogged very slowly until I got back to the car. It seems like every time I finally heal from a past fall, I end up falling again. :( Johann and I got lunch with my dad at a Vietnamese soup place in Mountain View afterwards.

PM - Arastradero. This afternoon, I was pretty tired, but I wanted to get my mileage up this week, so I went over to Arastradero and did the 7-mile loop at an easy pace. I started out really slow, but felt pretty good by the end. I saw a few deer again today.
18 miles

Friday 8/31
AM - Long run @ Portola Valley. I met up with Nielson, McGlynn, Silver, and Xavier for a long run this morning at 6am. Unfortunately, it was not that cool this morning, and by the end of the run, it was actually really hot. We did an 18-mile loop through Portola Valley and then did the last 4 miles around Campus Loop in our flats. The first 18 miles took about 2 hours (~6:40 avg. pace with the first half ~7:00 and the second half gradually getting down to ~5:40). For the 4 miles at the end, I think my splits were 5:20, 5:10, 4:46, 5:30 (avg. 5:12/mile). I was with Nielson for the first 3, and then slowed down for the last mile. We then jogged 2 miles barefoot on the grass as a cool down. I felt pretty good with the run today. Unfortunately, most of the run was on hard surfaces, but I guess I have to get used to that for the marathon. One funny thing that happened during the run today was that when we stopped at a water fountain in Portola Valley, a couple of kittens came out of the bushes and ran up to us. We looked into the bushes, and there were several more. They were the friendliest little kittens I've ever seen, and one of them even came running after us for about 100 yards as we ran away until it couldn't keep up anymore. I went back later that afternoon with Sarah to look for them, but they were no longer anywhere to be seen.
24 miles

Thursday 8/30
AM - Mitchell Park. I went on a very easy run through Mitchell Park this morning. I felt pretty worn out. I think I'm still recovering from Sunday's 50K race, and I think yesterday's sports massage made my legs feel even more dead this morning. I did a few 30 second strides on the way home. I was planning to double today, but I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon instead of going on another run.
4 miles

Wednesday 8/29
AM - Baylands. This morning when I first woke up, my legs were really sore, so went back to sleep and when I woke up again, they were feeling much better. I went on an easy 10 mile run through the Baylands. I felt pretty good this morning, and it felt really easy to run at (what I think was) a moderate pace.

PM - Atherton. This afternoon, I went on a run along the railroad track into Atherton. I had to go on the run while it was still hot outside because I had a sports massage with Greg scheduled for 6:15pm. I felt pretty awful during this run, probably because of what I had eaten for lunch (a greasy schwarma wrap and a falafel wrap) just a few hours earlier. I felt much better after the sports massage.
20 miles

Tuesday 8/28
AM - 8 mile tempo run @ Stanford. 41:42 (avg. 5:12/mile pace). Mile splits: 5:17 + 5:16 + 5:16 + 5:14 + 5:21 + 5:17 + 4:55 + 5:05. I met up with the guys at 6:15am this morning and did the 3-mile warmup with them. I wasn't sure if I was actually going to do any of the workout or not, but after the warmup, I felt pretty good. So I decided to start the tempo run with them and see how I felt. I managed to do Campus Loop twice and make it 8 miles. JT went 12 and Beast went 14 today. I think it was a good thing I stopped at 8, even though I probably could have done a few more. I did 3 barefoot miles on the grass afterwards and stopped at Jamba Juice on the way home.

PM - Arastradero. I felt tired but not too sore in the afternoon, so I decided to double. I drove over to Arastradero in the early evening and did the 7-mile loop at a pretty easy pace. I felt pretty good today, and saw a couple of deer during the run.
21 miles

Monday 8/27
PM - Hoover Park. I almost took today completely off since I was pretty sore from yesterday's 50K race, but then I decided to do a very short jog to loosen up before dinner. I only gave myself 15 minutes before I had to go to dinner, so I only had time to do 2 miles, but I actually felt better than I thought I would. The guys are working out tomorrow morning, so I think I'll show up and maybe even try to do part of the workout with them.
2 miles


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