Week 9: 8/6 - 8/12

Weekly Summary
This was a good, tough week. I still didn't break 100 miles, but at least I got in 2 good workouts and a good long run. The workout on Friday morning was especially tough, and doing a long run 2 days later was not easy. My left hip and right toe have been bothering me the entire week. They aren't getting worse, but they're also not getting better. I'm debating whether or not I should take it easy for a few days until everything heals, but I don't want to take off too much time. I should probably get another sports massage soon.
Resting HR: 46
Total Weekly Mileage: 98

Sunday 8/12
AM - Russian Ridge. Beast decided he wanted to see what all of this talk about Russian Ridge was all about, so we decided to meet there this morning. I drove up with Friedman, and we met Beast and Silver. We decided to go out for 11 miles and then turn around, which is farther than any of the other times we have run out here. It was a beautiful day, and once again, a beautiful run. Silver asked a biker for some water around mile 11, and fortunately we were all able to take a few sips before turning around. Friedman said he'd send a link to the route of this run from his GPS watch, so when I get it, I'll post a link here. Apparently the ridge trail that we were on goes all the way to Santa Cruz. It would be cool to run all the way over there sometime. Beast and I picked up the pace a bit during the second half of the run. I was pretty tired by the end, but felt good about the run. My left hip and right toe are still bothering me a bit, but they actually felt better towards the end of the run than they did at the beginning.
22 miles

Saturday 8/11
PM - Gunn High School. I was over at the house doing wiring again today, and didn't get out on a run until the evening. I had some trouble running today after yesterday's workout. I must have been going close to 8:00/mile pace. Given that I'm running long tomorrow, I wanted to make today an easy day anyway.
7 miles

Friday 8/10
AM - Workout @ Stanford. 2 x 2 mile (10:01, 10:01), 10 miles (59:42), 2 x 1 mile (4:48, 5:11). 3 mile w/u, 2 mile c/d. Man this was one long workout! I was afraid of this workout before it started. I had never done one of these before, and it was kind of weird. The 2-mile repeats felt steady, and I was holding myself back a bit because I knew I had a lot more ahead of me. Beast, Silver, and I kept the pace pretty honest during the 10-miler. We started out at 6:30's probably and finished closer to 5:30's, I think. At times during the 10-mile, I started to feel light-headed. Then, the 2x1 mile at the end was the weirdest part. James and I started the first one, and since I felt kind of light-headed, I did the first mile in 4:48, and it felt pretty easy. But then I fell back an did the second one in 5:11.
21 miles

Thursday 8/9
PM - Mitchell Park. I went over to the house this morning to do low-voltage wiring, so I didn't have time to get a run in until the evening. So I did an easy 4-miler before dinner. I've got a big workout tomorrow, so I wanted to take it easy.
4 miles

Wednesday 8/8
AM - MLR @ Baylands. This morning, I ran over to the Baylands. It was sunny and windy. As I ran by the mile markers, I was going about 6:45 pace or so. Anyway, it was good to get a longer run in today.
16 miles

Tuesday 8/7
AM - Workout @ The Dish. 4 x Hilly Mile (5:22, 5:18, 5:20, 5:19) with 2 min rest. 2 mile w/u, 5 mile c/d. We went over to the Dish today for a workout. James had mapped out a one-mile route. It was pretty hilly, and the downhills were actually the worst. Some of the guys did 6 repeats, but I stopped after 4 because I was afraid that I was going to mess myself up pounding those downhills. Beast was several seconds ahead of me on each of them.
PM - Arastradero.
18 miles

Monday 8/6
AM - Belmont, MA. I gave Friedman a call last night since I knew he was on the East Coast. So we went on a nice 10-mile run in the morning before my appointment with the podiatrist. I saw Dr. Cullen, and he made me a new pair of orthotics that he is going to mail to me.
10 miles


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